Расположение офиса
353915, Российская Федерация, Краснодарский край, г.Новороссийск , Мысхакское шоссе, 50

Расположение терминала
353900, Российская Федерация, Краснодарский край, г.Новороссийск , 2я Ж/Д петля , Парк-А

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(8617) 300 015 – Складской отдел (8617) 300 016 – Начальник коммерческого отдела (8617) 220 140 – Бухгалтерия (8617) 221 147 – Бухгалтерия


1. Responsible storage and warehousing services

  • The total area of covered warehouses is 2300 m²;
  • Carport 800 m²;
  • Open areas of more than 10,000 m²;
  • Lease of storage facilities;
  • Responsible storage of goods;

2. Refrigerated warehouses

  • The volume of the cold store: 9000 m3;
  • Temperature range from +20 to -22 ° C;
  • It is possible to store frozen products with a temperature regime of -18 ° С
  • Certified warehouse in the ARGUS system (Possibility of import / export cargo reception)
  • Storage height is 6.1m;
  • 6 chambers;

3. Loading and unloading operations

  • manual and mechanized loading and unloading of machines;
  • carrying out loading and unloading operations in warehouses;
  • unloading (loading) of covered wagons, gondola cars, fitting platforms;
  • palletizing — palletizing
  • winding with a stretch film,
  • Labeling;
  • Decontamination of pallets — manual dismantling of pallets with the goods in the process;
  • sorting — carried out manually, with the check of package integrity;
  • replacement of damaged packaging — repackaging, manual marking, change of intralarnage packaging;

4. Container Terminal Services

  • Weigh the container to determine the gross mass of the container and obtain a VGM certificate (New)
  • storage of 20/40 feet containers;
  • storage of empty containers;
  • reception, dispatch of containers;
  • transportation of containers by road;
  • transportation of groupage cargo;
  • handling of the container train — unloading of containers, de-consolidation, loading onto cars;
  • reliable and high-quality electronic document circulation between all participants of the transport process;

5. Processing of railway cargo

  • Own railway impasse
  • reception and dispatch of wagons, gondola cars and platforms, isothermal wagons and thermos-containers;
  • the possibility of placing goods in the zone of temporary customs control (VZTK);
  • registration of railway waybills;
  • information on the location of wagons on the whole route of transportation;

6.Road transport

  • Availability of own vehicle fleet;
  • Organization of multimodal transport;
  • supplying transport directly to the place of loading and unloading within the framework of the service «from door to door»;
  • Fulfillment of urgent orders;
  • ease of tracking the movement of goods in real time;
  • Selection of the optimal vehicle, depending on the specificity of the transported goods and the needs of the customer;
  • development of individual routes;
  • stopping transport on the way as needed and re-loading it on the route.